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Refinancing Loans

Refinancing can potentially save you thousands. You can even refinance with the same lender but your new loan should come with better rates and terms tailored to your unique circumstances.

How refinancing could save you thousands

Refinancing means securing the home loan that is right for your current circumstances. Having Shore Financial on your side can help you save by;

  • Paying less: A lower interest rate can reduce your monthly repayments.

  • Paying back faster: Flexible terms put you in control of your repayments, allowing you to potentially cut years off your home loan.

  • Unlocking equity: Access the equity in your home to access cash when you need it. Fund your renovation, plan your next holiday or upgrade your car.

  • Taking control: Consolidating your other debts into your home loan can reduce interest rates and give you a clearer view of your finances.

We work for you

As a Senior Broker at Shore Financial, I am passionate about helping my clients build wealth through property.


You can expect a tailored customer service, better than you’ll find with any other brokerage, as my success is tied to your prosperity. So you can be assured that your best interests are my number one focus.


Contact Stephen Cush - Senior Broker at Shore Financial - for a free home loan health check today.

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